Oxcart Project

MICA, Inc. provides village women an Ox and a Cart. The women rent the carts to villagers who are in need of transportation for:

1-Women in childbirth traveling to local clinics.
2-Farmers taking crops to market.
3-Craftsmen transporting goods.

With these rental revenues, women can eventually own the ox-cart. Funds generated allow MICA, Inc. to purchase carts for other villages. One oxcart donation (ox and cart) costs only $300 US dollars. Any individuals are encouraged to sponsor a cart.

Seed Project
Quality seeds and fertilizer provided by MICA, Inc. help improve agriculture and overall life quality.

Women literacy and entrepreneurships Project
1-Sewing, Arts and Crafts, Soap Making, Nutrition Education
2-EBOLA & HIV/AIDS Awareness and Malaria Prevention
3-Leadership and Literacy Training
5-Fish and Poultry Farming
6-Workshops and Training session for the program participants
7-Youth Cultural Exchanges